About us

Established in 1992, the NACFB is the largest trade association for commercial finance brokers in the UK

NACFB Vision

To be the professional association of choice for all commercial finance brokers and lenders servicing the needs of business borrowers and property investors

NACFB Mission

We will partner with our members to foster professional expertise. We will embrace the highest industry and regulatory standards, including engagement with our stakeholders, to help your business prosper.

Why we exist

  • To build strong relationships with the lenders in the sector
  • To facilitate positive engagements between brokers & lenders
  • To comprehensively support the compliance needs of the sector
  • To aid commercial growth
  • To help generate new business leads
  • To champion professional development & life-long learning
  • To keep the industry up-to-date with news issues & developments
  • To provide a wide range of exclusive business support services
  • To give a voice to the industry & lobby those who can effect change
  • To welcome you to the friendly supportive community that is the NACFB

Association governance

Code of Practice

The NACFB Code of Practice lays out the framework under which Member firms conduct their business. This Code applies to all Members of the Association.

Patrons' Charter

The NACFB Patrons’ Charter outlines the professional expectations that come with NACFB patronage. The Charter formally recognises that any collaboration with Members should maintain and promote business relationships for the mutual benefit of client firms.

Board of Directors

Paul Goodman


Adrian Coles

Vice Chair

Nick Baker

Board Director - Patron

Gary Cain

Board Director - Member

Mike Deacon

Board Director - Member

Amanda DeCourcy

Board Director - Member

Mike Geddes

Board Director - Member

Russ Lewis

Board Director - Independent

Kim McGinley

Board Director - Member

Nicola Newborough

Board Director - Independent

Steve Olejnik

Board Director - Member

Andy Taylor

Board Director - Patron

Our team

Norman Chambers

Managing Director

Gary Bailey

Compliance Officer (MSR)

Jenny Barrett

Communications Consultant

Caroline Boughenou

Senior Business Support Officer

James Hinch

Head of Compliance

Kieran Jones

Head of Communications

Lorraine Jones

Financial Controller Assistant

Lou Knapper

Project Manager

Rob Levitt

Hybrid Compliance Officer

Charlotte Mathieson

Compliance Manager (TCH)

Becky McGarrity

Events Manager

Claire McGovern

Financial Controller

Erica Meredith

Compliance Manager (MSR)

Laura Mills

Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator

Nina Morgan

Senior Compliance Officer (MSR)

Nicholas Murphy

Membership Manager

David Scutt

Membership Support Officer

Ann Walsh

Business Development Manager

Imogen Wright

Events & Marketing Coordinator