Advocacy and policy

Shaping the future of commercial lending

The NACFB’s extensive advocacy and policy efforts empower Member brokers, Patron lenders, and the broader intermediary-led commercial lending community.

What informs our ask?

Utilising the NACFB’s proprietary data

The trade body understands the dynamics of the commercial lending market, thanks in large part to its annual research comprising of membership surveys. These surveys scrutinise the sector’s development, transactional activities, as well as market sentiment. The insights gained each year form a comprehensive report that guides our service offerings, market analyses, and broader policy objectives.

Access the latest 2023 report

Pathways to Prosperity

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    What we advocate for

     Delivering meaningful change

    The NACFB’s advocacy work is centred on representing and advancing the interests of the intermediary-led lending community. The Association’s leadership team engage with governments, special interest groups, other trade bodies, and the UK’s SME business sector to:

    • Elevate and enhance the role and recognition of the UK’s commercial finance broker community.
    • Work towards reducing barriers and hurdles that impede small business borrowers from accessing growth opportunities.
    • Champion professional standards of practice and processes to self-regulate an industry largely outside of regulatory scope.

    The NACFB seeks to drive tangible change through a variety of methods, including: bespoke reports, committee-led analysis, roundtable forums, conference debates, editorial insights, daily news analysis, and media commentary.

    Who we engage with

    Maintaining productive dialogues

    Across a history spanning four decades, the trade body has been a pivotal voice for intermediary-led finance across various governments, stakeholders, trade bodies, and regulatory landscapes. The Association has been instrumental in shaping key policies at a national level and assisting Members through a series of unprecedented external events.

    The NACFB’s role on the Business Finance Council

    The NACFB is a proud member of the government’s Business Finance Council, working alongside influential industry players to ensure SMEs access necessary finance for growth and success. The NACFB’s position on the Council, co-chaired by the BEIS Secretary of State and the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, provides both a seat at the table and a voice for UK commercial finance brokers.

    The NACFB maintains active dialogue with industry stakeholders, including