May 2022

In this month’s cover feature we mark both the NACFB’s 30th anniversary and this very magazine’s 100th issue, collating a selection of voices that have helped shape the Association and form what it is today.

The issue also features insight and opinion from a host of NACFB Patrons including Allica Bank, Roma Finance, Sancus, Together, 365 Business Finance, Selina Finance, and BC Invest.

We hear from NACFB compliance officers Rob Levitt and Nina Morgan who explain the dos and don’ts of disclosing commission arrangements on your website. Kitty Ussher, chief economist and Emma Rowland, junior policy advisor at the Institute of Directors share what the crisis in Ukraine means for SMEs. We also spend five minutes with Andy Smith of CAF Bank finding out what makes him tick.

In Ask the Expert we talk to Detective Superintendent Nick Bell, CEO of the National Cyber Resilience Centre Group on how brokers and SMEs can effectively tackle cybercrime and where to go for affordable support. And last but by no means least, we share five tips on how Members can create a winning entry to the NACFB Commercial Broker Awards 2022.