Business credit improvement for optimised funding

Lightbulb Credit is the UK’s only whole market credit rating review, improvement, and monitoring service for businesses. Poor credit ratings can have a direct impact on borrowing, working capital, trade terms and tendering. If a rating is low, it can immediately restrict access to funding, and in cases where funding is obtainable it can also have a negative impact on the rates and terms offered.

An optimised credit rating can really enhance the funding process, ensuring businesses can access the best deals available. For brokers this solution can directly support getting complex or difficult deals across the line by improving the company credit score first and can also convert credit declines into fundable deals.

How does it work?

The service is fast and can have an impact in just 2-5 days. Working directly with the five main credit rating agencies our team can quickly spot issues, identify solutions, and get scores re-evaluated. All cases are handled with complete confidentiality and new scores are applied by the ratings agencies instantly.

The service is offered on a no improvement/no fee basis, making it completely risk free for clients, and can be applied across all industries to help any size of company from small business, through to SME and Plc.

Benefits to Members

  • Complete difficult deals
  • Provide optimal funding
  • Turn around funding declines
  • Get positive results for your clients
  • Add value to your own service
  • Earn commission for successful introductions

Benefits to your clients

  • Free detailed credit review report
  • Get positive results fast
  • Totally risk-free service
  • Obtain the best funding available
  • Improve credit limits elsewhere
  • Increase working capital

If you’d like to find out more about this service, you can book a short call with Lightbulb Credit’s team using the link below.

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