Founded in 1996, Currencies Direct Limited is a provider of foreign currency exchange and international payment services for corporate and private clients. Based in London, the group transacts circa £10 billion per year across 1 million payments.

Currencies Direct can help NACFB Members reduce the cost of repatriating currencies whilst conveniently managing foreign exchange risks through a variety of products. These products include, spot and forward contracts, batch payment solutions, rate alerts and foreign exchange strategy.

Clients can access their account at any time via an online platform or by speaking to their account manager. More than 430,000 people and businesses have saved time, hassle and money by using Currencies Direct.

Benefits to your clients

  • Competitive exchange rates and client transparency over charges
  • Access to dedicated account manager
  • Fee free transfers
  • Bespoke FX risk management if required & products that are suitable and appropriate for client’s needs to help them negotiate the volatile FX market
  • Intelligent routing, wide payment capabilities and batch payments

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Navigating the Currency Market in 2024: Insights by Currencies Direct

Navigating the Currency Market in 2024

This report offers insights from financial institutions and provides a comprehensive view of what businesses engaging in international trade should anticipate and prepare for in 2024.

Key highlights include the impact of geopolitical events, central bank policies, and economic performance on market volatility. It looks significant currency pair trends from 2023 and anticipates more uncertainty in 2024, influenced by major elections and policy decisions.

The report also discusses the potential for global recession, the influence of interest rate levels, and varying bank forecasts on key currency pairs. It emphasises the importance of risk mitigation for businesses in the face of exchange rate volatility and economic challenges.

Read the white paper here

Currencies Direct Ltd is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011.
FCA Firm Reference No. 900669