Guarantee your AML compliance with an award-winning anti-money laundering solution. Perform your due diligence, carry out Know Your Customer and Adverse Media checks in the UK or abroad, all with SmartSearch’s sophisticated electronic platform.

SmartSearch will make sure your company keeps up with ever-changing AML regulations. Whether your prospective client is a corporation or an individual, the all-in-one AML solution covers every base, so your business is protected.

The efficient, automated platform performs a wide range of UK and international anti-money laundering checks using the Dow Jones WatchList, which is updated every day.

You can fulfil KYC requirements, sanctions checks, screening for Adverse Media, checks for PEPs, SIPs and PSCs, as well as get assistance with Enhanced Due Diligence and ongoing monitoring, all in one place.

With anti-money laundering regulations consistently evolving, staying on top of the necessary AML checks is a complex process. Manual AML searches rely on physical documentation being available – but these documents are vulnerable to forgery and manipulation. This bespoke electronic software uses a variety of online data sources to verify identity, making it more reliable, and removing the need for the customer’s presence completely.

This automated software does all the heavy lifting for you, saving you time and resources, and ensuring that no stone goes unturned.

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