April 2021

April’s cover feature explores the first steps back into the new normal, for SMEs, brokers, and lenders. The article draws parallels between the Apollo 11 space mission and our own exits from isolation.

The latest issue also features insight from headline sponsor Lloyds Bank, as well as Together’s push back against the ‘new normal’, the NACFB compliance team flags 40 ways to spot a scam, the Chartered Institute of Taxation examines new changes, MFS reflects on the Budget, Auxillias examines broker commission, Goldentree walks the road to recovery, Paragon on transitioning to transit, Make UK manufactures the right response, the Lending Standards Board promotes innovation, Nucleus seeks to ask the right questions, Channel Capital loo ks a gift horse in the mouth, Arc & Co. analyse the true cost of capital, NatWest opens up to the possible, Masthaven anticipates a short-term bounce, West One turns the corner, and we spend five remote minutes with Blackfinch’s Ian Ford.