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Training & Education

The NACFB is committed to providing Training and Education for Commercial Finance Brokers and over the years has developed a range of training days to cover all aspects of Commercial Finance. This has included Asset Finance, Factoring and Invoice Discounting, Marketing and Fraud training to name just a few. In addition our CPD programme continues and recording is now available on line.

We offer a new qualification to replace the Certificate in Commercial Mortgages, which has been written in conjunction with all the High Street banks. The Certificate in Business Banking and Conduct (CertBB&C) is the standard qualification for all our members and is run by The London Institute of Banking & Finance.


Commercial Finance Expo

The Commercial Finance Expo is the only show in the UK dedicated to the business finance community. Representatives from funders across the business finance arena will be exhibiting. This year the NACFB conference will be held during the Expo, welcoming speakers who can offer a keen insight into different parts of the industry..



FindSMEfinance lists sources of commercial finance for small businesses, including leasing and hire purchase arrangements, commercial mortgages, and invoice discounting and factoring. It will allow you to search by region or postcode, and will take you directly to the brokers who are best placed to help you find the funding you need.


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Why become a member?

If you are new to commercial finance and commercial broking, becoming a member of the NACFB can help you on your way.

We offer advice and support during the early stages, with business document templates, free legal helpline, fact sheets and training and development events across the UK.

If you are an established broker we can offer you networking opportunities with like-minded members of the industry, help and support with legal and compliance issues, competitive professional indemnity insurance, training and development to help with CPD, and access to multiple lender Patrons. For more information on becoming a member and the benefits, please click here.

Why should I use a broker for my business?

1. Commercial finance advice should come from experts
Commercial finance is a complicated subject. Unlike standard residential mortgages which have neatly defined rates and criteria, commercial finance is much more tailored and requires a good degree of skill and experience to find the right deal.

2. Save time - and money
Many business owner-managers are becoming much more savvy and outsource their financing to a specialist, which in turn allows him (or her) more time to manage the day-to-day running of the business. Shopping around for the best deal has become increasingly common and one of the main advantages of using a broker is that they will do that shopping for you.

3. An old-fashioned approach
Dealing with a broker means dealing with an individual. A broker is someone who will take the time to understand you and your business and offer a personal one-to-one service tailored to your business needs. And if your broker understands your business and your requirements they are in an excellent position to secure you the best and most suitable deal.

4. Never assume
The finance you think you need may not be the finance you actually need. This is another area where a broker can help. Although you may think that you need a loan to buy your equipment, a broker might recommend a leasing arrangement as more suitable. Perhaps instead of a traditional overdraft, the flexibility of a factoring arrangement will give your business the cash injection it needs.

What are the benefits of using an NACFB broker?

Brokers who are members of the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers (NACFB) all adhere to an industry recognised Code of Practice, so if you use a broker with the NACFB logo, you know you'll be getting a good service.

What is the difference between Full & Associate membership?

The difference between the two types of membership is one of experience. Associate members are new to commercial broking - although they may have had years of experience in commercial finance in general by, for example, working as a corporate manager for a bank. When a broker has been an Associate member for one year, we'll review their status with the aim of upgrading them to full membership, or if this is not possible we will seek to understand why not. All full members must have a proven track record in commercial broking. On joining the Association or on upgrading their membership from Associate, a Full member will undergo stringent checks (for further details on these checks please call us on 020 7101 0359).

What is a Patron, and who are they?

Patrons are lenders and funders who support the NACFB's Code of Practice. They work with the Association in providing products, services and support to members. Members can find a full list of Patrons in the Member Home area.

What are the costs of membership?

The cost of membership starts at £525 per year for one business with one registered individual, and each additional registered individual (someone who gives advice and signs deals) costs an extra £210. So a brokerage with two people working will pay £735 in 2017.


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